DCR Original: Journalism & Chill: Chapter I, Spicy🌶️

“You know you spicy. You got that attitude and all.” Kenneth told Stasseen. “Yeah and that’s why you need water with me.” Stasseen said to Kenneth.

Stasseen and Kenneth are best friends that live in Brooklyn. Stasseen works as a registered Nurse for a hospital and Kenneth is a writer, comedian and actor. Since the Coronavirus hit NY, Stasseen been working full-time and Kenneth has been working part-time from home.

But both have been spending alot of time together. From watching movies, to cooking lessons to having sex.

Yes, Stasseen and Kenneth have been having sex since the start of the pandemic. They even been in quarantine with each other. Stasseen loves keeping Kenneth company since he isn’t able to travel and his hosting gigs and stand-up comedy gigs are cancelled.

Friday Night was movie night.

Both had an idea for a movie, and they chose Home Alone the first one, they both had Cold Cuts which were a foot long with pop corn and chocolate bourbon milkshakes which Kenneth always make whenever they have a special occasion with each other and he knows that Stasseen loves the milkshakes.

As they finished the food and only 15 minutes into the movie with 4 milkshakes later Kenneth and Stasseen were cuddled up on each other and five minutes later the make out session happens. They passionately kiss and tongue action was intense has they sucked each other tongues like it would be the last time.

The kisses became touching. From Stasseen being on top of Kenneth, it gave him easy access for him to grab and squeeze her butt. Stasseen is a slim girl with curves. Her bottom is big and her hips and thighs match accurately. But she isn’t a big girl. She is tall and brown skinned with curly hair. She is the true definition of black girl magic. He continued to grab and squeeze while he made his way to her C-cup breast to lick and suck on.

She stripped off her shirt and she took off her pants, he did the same until they were naked in the flesh. They climed back in bed with each other and proceeded engage in foreplay. He went for Stasseen’s pussy and without asking or a sign he proceeded to eat her taking his tongue swirl around her clitoris and sucking her inner lips. He went to to lightly tapping on her clit with his tongue and slid two fingers inside her wet warm pussy and he strokes her while licking her clitoris and that sent chills and intense euphoria through Stasseen that she gripped Kenneth’s head on both sides with her hands and her toes curled white she clinched her thighs close to her hands gripping his head and she climaxed very hard and intense squirting fluid out her pussy and hitting Kenneth on his chin and neck.

After got up and took a wash cloth and wiped his face off of course with water and soap. After rinsing his face and drying it, he came back in his bedroom and he said to Stasseen, “damn baby… You spicy huh.”

Stasseen told Kenneth to lay on his back and he did just that, Stasseen proceeded to give Kenneth oral. He lightly grabbed his dick which was very hard with veins out and the head wide awake with first look. She licked the head first going in a 360 motion when her tongue touches the foreskin and move down the shaft going up and down, she then puts her lip on his head and the head enters her mouth with Stasseen slowly taking all 8 inches in her mouth and she proceeds to suck his dick while her mouth is extremely wet after a minute of doing that she adds the hands and stroke him while stroking his dick with his hand and blowing spit on his dick. She does this for five minutes and she stops to lick on his testicles and using her hands to stroke his dick.

She moves back on the dick with her mouth and she continues to suck on his dick while stroking with her hands and she moves faster and he grabs her hair and fucks her mouth out with his thrusting he yells “Yeah baby! I’m cumming!” And he explodes his semen all in her mouth. She leaves off the dick and she opens her mouth to show him the semen that’s filled in and then she swallows it.

And Stasseen says to Kenneth “Damn Baby…you real spicy huh”.

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