DCR Original: Journalism & Chill: Chapter III. Valentine Wish.♥️💕♥️

In Hindsight, I always knew that I was very sexual. But I never had the time to be one. Between working and sleep, I don’t have much time to be intimate with anyone let alone being a hoe.

I worked for a research company that specializes in sports medicine and other pharmecutical avenues. I worked 15 hour shifts every day. I made a great salary… But it was so unfulfilling and absolutely boring. I mean I am a nerd but that don’t mean I have to be boring. One day after working a 15 hour shift at my company, I went home and slept. I slept pass my wake up time and when I did wake up, I only had 15 minutes to get ready and leave home for work. I made the split decision to call out for the night, in which I did.

Now I was home alone bored. It’s Valentine’s day, I am single and lonely. So I went to the bar that’s in my neighborhood. I had three mix drinks and while I’m enjoying the drinks and the music playing, I met four guys who enjoyed my company and were fine as fuck. The vibes were amazing and I was getting turned on by them. And when I mean them… I mean ALL FOUR OF THEM.

So me being bluntly honest, I asked all four of them if they wanted to leave the bar and come over to my house. They all said yes. We leave the bar and enter my house. They were very shocked to see that my home is cleaned. Two of the guys asked if I had any friends and I told them no. I mean I do have friends but we aren’t that close. They were kinda put off by the fact that I told them no and the fact that I am the only female around. Well we all watched movies. By the time the movie ends I’m very horny and dreamed of a foursome or what most will call a “Train”. After five minutes go by, I ask them do they want to do something fun? They all said yes and asked what do I have in mind.

I went to my bedroom, stripped naked and went into my living room where they all sat. Once they seen my naked body and they’re eyes grew wide open and mouths dropped, I asked them would they wanna ride the train express??? They all with a quickness said yes and they all got undressed and got straight to the point.

Now I have done oral sex before but that was one time with one person. But the fact I’m going to be sucking on four dicks and getting busted open by four dicks was something absolutely taboo and something I have never done before until now. I had one big dick in my mouth and I sucked it like it was the last time I will ever suck one again. My mouth was absolutely wet and I managed to get the head of it in my throat which made me gag a little but produced so much saliva that it turned sloppy and so messy. While doing that another man was eating my pussy. Now that is the first considering the fact that I never had it. It was foreign but it felt so good and he was so good with it. He definitely was experienced in doing this. After the oral I moved on to the other two men. While I’m sucking their dicks, I’m getting fucked. My pussy was wet as fuck and when intercourse happen it was easy each man to enter when it was their time. After sucking their dicks, they moved on to licking my nipples which felt so damn good. Once the guy was done fucking me, then another one proceeded to enter my pussy and stroke me with all four men getting their turn with my pussy. After all of them came which I swallowed the cum of all four, We slept in my bed until the early morning. By the way, I also had an orgasm with the fourth man. The orgasm was foreign since I never experienced having one. It felt so good and so empowering. By six in the morning, they all woke up, got dressed and left my home.

I went into work the next night. I am still dreaming about the foursome I had. But then of course one of the men who was in the foursome also works at my job and we ran into each other at my job. We stopped and said hello and engage in small talk. Once we left each other presence I couldn’t believe that I fucked one of my coworkers.

Engaging in a foursome wasn’t a Valentine’s wish. But it made my valentine’s day and I don’t feel bad about none of it.

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