Greetings! It’s Been a While.

Hello everyone. So yes, it has been a while. I know you all miss Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded, or thats what people have been telling me through my emails. Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded is NOT going anywhere. It’s going through a revamp. Something different, Something interesting, engaging and Life changing.

So welcome to the New Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded. This is a diary of some sorts, I will be talking hot topics and everything else as well as what’s going on in my life.

So here’s a bit about me. My name is Dream Nicole and I am a CNA who works in the state and city of New York. I am also a Writer, Journalist and Now an Up and coming Comedian. So I do many things. I am also a Black Woman who is a Gemini and very spiritual with alot of experience in Healthcare and other life’s experience.

I have been Working as a CNA in New York City for 10 years!!!!! I have worked in many facilites which includes, Long Term care facilities, Hospice, Rehabilitation, Dialysis, Acute care/Sub Acute Care and HVAC care settings.

I am also a woman who is currently single(Legally Seperated and Divorcee), Very spiritual and incredibly funny with so much insight and intelligence who is still a student in the world and still finding my way.

I am also a writer, and Journalist with credentials and a cettifications in journalism and writing. I am also a comedian with a podcast that is viewed by over thousands daily called Journalism & Chill The DreamCast which to many is a “Podcast” but in reality it is a “DreamCast” because I am officially happy and free in speaking my mind and truth and dropping knowledge at the same time. Season 1 is available on All digital platforms including YouTube and episodes will premiere on here as well in the coming weeks.

So for all of you who have been supporting me and Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded, Thank you very much and I truly appreciate the support. Don’t Worry, I am back and so is DCR.

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