Where I want to be. ๐Ÿ’ญ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜”

It’s a Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. I rather be at home cuddling my pillows, smoking a blunt or a bowl and watching Hulu. But I can’t do that and only wish for those nights.

Working as a CNA has took its toll on me. I know that this is a profession that I cannot do for the rest of my life. My body hurts and it is tired. Someday’s I think to myself being a whore sounds fun BUT I don’t know how to be a whore let alone get someone to talk to me. But this job and this place I work at… SUCKS. I will talk about it when my contract ends with them.

I want to be anywhere but at work. I want to be in someone’s arms with my mouth landing on someone’s dick or the other way around. But instead I’m cleaning shit off of some ungrateful sick person who cannot even do it themselves. Or I have to turn and position someone who is grateful that I’m there to help but doesn’t show it. I’m in my own head and rather be anywhere else but at work.

Point is… I’m too sexy and too fly to be working for companies that don’t give a fuck about a real ass bitch who puts 100% into her job just to run her to the ground. Now… Of course I’m venturing into other avenues. But the end goal here is to never work in an uncomfortable environment.

I like what I do at times. But honestly… I rather be doing something else. I rather be happy and connected than miserable and tired. This isn’t life and one of the reasons why I never pursued a nursing degree. Cause I just think nursing is miserable.

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