Where do we draw the line?

In the news this week it seems as though celebrities and public figures which includes politicians who cannot catch a fucking break. From Nicki Minaj making tweets about her reasonings for not getting the vaccine YET to Joy Reid calling her out on why she should promote getting the vaccine to the met gala and politicians mandating the vaccines to other politicians threatening to sue. While all of this is going on no one ever seems to think of how all of this is actually destroying everyone. No one seems to leave out the politics and the gossip and even the opinions to just actually ASK healthcare workers such as doctors, nurses, clinical professionals, bedside professionals such as respiratory therapist and certified nursing assistants and patient care technicians what we actually KNOW about the vaccine and other health questions?

I know we actually have alot to say. We actually know whats going on out here. We are the science. People say trust the science when it comes to the vaccine, but what I know and what I see is a bunch of people who aren’t on the front lines having so much to say on so much to say that they themselves don’t even have a clue as to what is going on the name of health. None of these people work bedside, along with giving and directing patient care. These people go on telivision or the internet and give their opinions on shit without anyone asking them.

In the case of nicki Minaj, She wrote on twitter about why she hasn’t gotten vaccinated yet and that was her reason for not attending any of the events that went on in New York City. Im pretty sure someone asked her why she didn’t attend. She also made it clear on her twitter that she had Covid-19 and not wanting to put her family at risk, as she is a new mom and married. She also stated that she is doing the research and will most likely get vaccinated. As of writing this article, I just found out that her twitter account was suspended due to her speaking about the vaccine.

I am wondering, Why all the censorship? We didn’t go this hard for any other public health issues which will affect us long after Covid-19 and were affecting us before Covid-19. We weren’t censoring people for declining to get the flu vaccine or the menigitis vaccine. So why all the censoring? Why are we destroying people over their decisions to get vaccinated? Yes we are living in a pandemic where this virus is affecting over millions of people and livelyhoods are being affected. But behind the public health mandates, I wish that these politicians and representatives would stop with the antics and facades because they don’t care about any of YOU and if they did, They would treat essential workers such as healthcare workers better because from the optics, there aren’t any protections for nurses, and other healthcare personell as well as HIGHER pay and much needed benefits. We all know healthcare is a business just like any business and its all about the bejamins at the end of the day but hide it in the name of public health.

In New York City, racism and classism still exist and none of that was more clear than the two events that had no business being held were held. The MTV video music awards were held in Brooklyn, New York and Music recording artist and Movie actors and actress and every other boojie ass attention seeking person was in attendance. Now a whole week before the event, another event that was a representation of black culture was cancelled all in the name of “Public Health” and that was the West Indian Day Parade and the Jouver’t pre-dawn celebration which is a annual celebration of west indian culture that is always held on Labor day was cancelled due to the outbreak of the delta variant. The outbreak had nothing to do with the west indian culture nor the people. So why wasn’t this event worthy of being held but the VMA’s were. Then the Met-Gala which is an event held by the Metropolitian museum. Celebrities and fashion designers attend this boring ass expensive event that is created and held in the name of charity. Both the VMA’s and the Met-Gala was held by White People by the way.

All Im saying is… Where do we draw the fucking line? President Joe Biden is now mandating that every healthcare worker get vaccinated and other business and companies who have over 100 employees also have to get vaccinated. Do politicians ever think that a country that is ran on “Freedom and liberty” that this will sit well with alot of people? They didn’t think this through.

As a healthcare worker who has worked the front lines of this pandemic and still is working on the front lines taking care of people who have respiratory illnesses including Covid-19 that the division and politicizing and villifying of the vaccine or this virus is just immoral and unethical and flat out wrong and dangerous. Before anyone gets vaccinated I always encourage research and due dilligence before hand. For those who speak out against it, Please do your research and due dilligence before hand, Ask a healthcare worker who isnt biased or have an agenda and can actually use critical thinking as well as practical and logical thinking with ethics. I know for a fact that 100% of these celebrities and politicians have family members or friends or know someone who works on the frontlines of this pandemic, why not ask us? Why not enquire some kind of dialogue so we can promote unity and healthy relationships and education around the vaccine. It’s already bad enough that we are STILL in a pandemic, regardless of any re-openings, Covid-19 still exist and is still infecting and killing people. Rather if they got vaccinated or not, We need kindships and understanding and empathy rather than division, seperatism and the other bullshit that is happening right now. Because I know for a fact that Joy Reid or any other telivision person don’t have 10 fucks of a clue about what is really going on and the people who are behind the scenes of all the agenda being promoted by pharmecutical companies, Technology companies and Lobbyist don’t have a fucking clue either as to what is really going on.

But Keep it up. Keep on going with how things are, as if they aren’t collapsing anyways. Capitalism isn’t sustaining itself. You cannot continue to be greedy and expect for it not to crash and burn.

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