Medical Gaslighting and Why it is Morally and ethically wrong.💉💊👨‍⚕️👩‍⚕️⚕️🩺⚖️

Before I continue with this article, I have a few questions. First Question is: Have anyone ever been to a physician and you have told them how your feeling or what pain you have been feeling? Second: Are you a Black American that have been to see your physician and they were NOT black? and Three: have you recieved a diagnosis and it was not correct? Four: Did the physician or other care providers seemed stand-offish or ignored your symptoms?

If your answer is Yes to three or four of the questions then I have some very bad news. Its NEWS because it’s something that Black Americans need to know and if anyone isn’t going to tell you, I will.

As a Foundational Black American, I have been medically mistreated. As someone who works in the healthcare field, I have seen patients get medically mistreated. This happens because of Hospitals and Physicians putting profits before patients and physicians not Recieving the adequate and above education and training. Most physicians as well as other healthcare providers are being trained that black people donot feel pain and that is the belief that floats around in these school’s, training centers and the facilities and hospitals.

“BLACK PEOPLE DON’T FEEL PAIN” is the biggest lie and misbelief that has ever been told in the name of medicine and health. the fact that this is being taught and floating around in the circles of healthcare is morally and ethically wrong but absolutely dangerous to patient care. Every single doctor, and healthcare provider takes an oath to provide the highest amount of care and to uphold ethics and morality in this field. When you are not addressing the particular needs of patients in a compassionate and empathetic manner, this leads to all sorts of problems and these problems you cannot solve with a “pill” or a “Shot.”

One thing I have never been able to do is ignore my patients needs and their care. I can be taking care of 10-20 patients and be spreading myself thin with so many task to complete in such little time, I could be ignoring the needs of my patients due to this ratio but NO, I don’t do this because I didn’t get into this field to ignore them. I got into this field to provide the upmost amount of care comapssionately and empathetically. Patients donot deserve to have health care providers slacking and not caring about their work or not providing the care thats needed.

Patient Care is done on an individual bases that reflects the needs of the patient. I always tell my patients that it is important to pick a doctor who is the same race as them so they can avoid issues such as lack of care or understanding because in pure honesty, White doctors or other health care providers of color donot understand Black American Culture or have the most simplest of understanding that Black Americans go through pain and have ailments that need care and proper diagnosis. It is true that mortality rates among Black American patients is the highest and those rates are caused by Physicians, and other healthcare personell as well as management of the facilities are causing the harm. When these issues gets addressed maybe the healthcare industry will treat its patients better. Maybe.

I also urge Healthcare professionals such as doctors, Physicians and nurses to recieve training by Black Americans to understand the biology of Black Americans and how pain can be assessed and how to properly provide care to this population. I also urge patients to educate themselves and pick their primary care physicians carefully and pick ones that identify with their race. As racial as this may seems, Maybe the medical gaslighting will end.


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