DCR Original: Journalism & Chill Chapter IV: Closing Time.🥂

I am a man and a man has needs. My need is for some good pussy. You know…the kind that will make your knees buckle once you slide it in, the freshest wettest pussy on earth that will have you feeling like a new man, like you accomplished something productive. I need pussy like that.

I am a single successful Black man who makes no apologies about who I am and where I came from. I am from the projects, single mother and was the 3rd out of four children. Never had a silver spoon fed to me and I had to get it in the streets before becoming legit. My life was hard then. Now it’s much better and much easier. But it does get lonely at times and when I start feeling lonely I feel horny right along with it. I work for a successful political consultation firm. I advise politicians and would-be politicians on how to present themselves to the world and how to navigate politics. My job is rewarding and I make great money. I just wished I had a piece of pussy to spend it on.

I don’t go out to clubs or bars or even parties unless they are parties specifically facilitated by politicians. So a friend of mine who is a city council member was going through a divorce. He found his wife cheating on him with some other woman and he was devastated. So me being who I am I asked him did he wanted to go out and have some fun and he said Yes with a long sigh with it.

I knew he needed a distraction and I knew just how to provide it. I needed him to be my wingman for whoever I would attract that night. I wanted a companion for the weekend. I was tired of being lonely and so I wanted a fist full of ass and pussy.

We went to a few bars, one of them was a spot that was in the cut of some small street called the Mermaid. It was owned by a black woman who used to be a nurse. The spot was a majority black patrons and workers which I liked because I am a black man looking for a beautful, sensual, passionate, fun and sexual black woman. The bar was nice with delicious drinks and music I listened to. I was hoping that with the good vibes I was feeling that a beautiful female would make her way to me, and thankfully she did.

This beautiful brownskinned woman by the name of Jessica made her way to me. Instead of asking her to buy her a drink, she offered to buy me one which I switched it around and asked her the same question and she said yes. I ordered her a Vodka and Rum with Pineapple and Orange juice which she enjoyed and we had conversations about each other and what we did for a living and what we like to do. She was a 38 year old who worked as a Nurse for a hospital system here in the city. When she isn’t working, she likes sleeping, smoking cannabis and going out to various places in the city. She was adventurous and was a Leo which is my exact twin flame.

We drink the night away enjoying the music, and the good vibes until it was closing time. We left the bar with my friend who also found him a beautiful black woman as well. Jessica was totally down for a night cap. She wanted to stop by her place which wasn’t far from the bar we left. She wanted to pick up a few things and then we agreed to head to my place. She had a Michael Kors purse that had a few things in it. Didn’t look big or heavy but I inclined to hold her purse in which she declined that because she didn’t want me looking gay which I thought was funny because she was very intuned with my masculinity to the point of not even wanting me to look like I was gay or queer. She knows and I didnt have to tell her much of anything. We made it to my home and thats where the real fun happened.

She wanted to cook for me and that was after conversation and sex. She also cosented to having intimate activities with me and I said okay. I didnt think we were having sex so quick but isnt this what I wanted?

After a long conversation, we kissed very passionately for a good five minutes, during the makeout session we happened to feel on each other and embrace each other passionately as well leading to the clothes coming off and foreplay happening. I spread the love first and gave her the best cunniilingus a guy could give. I made my way to her clitoris very methodically by licking her labia and rubbing the tips of my two fingers very slowly. I watched her close her eyes and stick her tongue out to lick her lips in sheer pleasure of what I was doing to her. After a few minutes of playing with her labia and circling my tongue around, I finally touch the clitoris with my tongue very softly and began to lick and press it. She made very soft and low moans while I put my lips on it and sucked very softly. She began to leak her juices out into the open and I slid a finger into her warm wet pussy and stroke it while licking and sucking her clitoris. I felt her about to reach her peak and that was when I stopped because I wanted her to reach her peak when I fuck her. She was in so much pleasure and euphoria that she didn’t mind that I stopped and she was so happy to pleasure me the same.

She began to lick up and down my dick with her tongue. She started on the head and made her way down to my testicles. She held my dick so softly and with her lips began to suck my dick, with her lips and jaw suctioning tightly one second and releasing the next second while soaking it with her saliva and that was the best feeling I had in years! After sucking my dick she climbs on me and ask me if I am ready for what’s next? I told her “hell yeah. Do you want me to take over or should you start”? She inclined to start first. She firmly grabs my dick and slide it in her warm, wet walls and began to thrust back and forth until she found her comfort zone. Once she found it she began to move up and down on my dick like a true cow-girl, going in circluar motions and gripping her pussy very firmly on my dick. It felt so amazing and I was in a state of ectasy and euphoria that was very profound. She took control over me and my dick for five minutes and then I took control over her body and pussy. I fucked her so hard, thrusting my hard dick in and out of her wet, warm pussy. She wrapped her arms around me as if she never wanted me to let go. I gripped her middle back holding her as a lifted her up and fucked her standing up while I held her for two minutes. I knew that closing time was coming was she screamed loudly that she was climaxing and so I laid her down, flexed her legs open and in the air. I am now on top of her and decided lets close down the shop. I stoke her hard and fast while she moaned loudly and screamed ” I AM CUMMING!” and she leaked alot on my sheets. Right after that I orgasmed on her right thigh.

She cooked me dinner afterwards which was fried chicken wings and french fries which was absolutely delicious. We watched a movie and fell asleep on my living room couch. At 12pm the next day she left my home. I never seen her again for three months. I seen her again on the subway. I am guessing she was going home after working because she had her scrubs on. I said hello to her after we got off the train and she said hello back, exchanging conversations and we departed once leaving the train station. The song “Closing Time” by Seimesonic was playing as we left the station, we smiled at each other knowing that we will never see each other again or interact with each other ever again.

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