This Week according to Dream Nicole.

I want to start this article off by saying Grand Rising. This week has been very difficult for me dealing with not having employment, Looking for employment and renewing my license to continue to work in the job I love. So while Im working on this, Im pulling myself up out of my depression and writing this article with hopes of spreading truth, education and healing because this week was about as sad and depressing as it was finding truths and healing.

Dave Chappelle The Closer

Comedian Dave Chappelle released his long awaited, critically acclaimed comedy special “The Closer” on Netflix this week and the controversy from the special was very widespread. From celebrities and fellow comedians adding their commetary to even employees at Netflix walking out of their jobs in protest, to even the LGBT community and organizations speaking out in protest against the special. Dave Chappelle spoke about the inconsistency and hypocrisy of the LGBT community in his defense of rapper DaBaby and the controversy surrounding his rollingloud performance in the summer to his friend and a fellow comedian who was a transgender woman, and how she committed suicide. He addressed other controversial topics but either way, he faced backlash and huge applause and support.

I stand with Dave Chappelle and I loved his comedy special “The Closer.” For one, Dave Chappelle has always been my favorite comedian. I look up to and admire him not fot the fact that he is very talented, but very contorversial and very honest and truthful to himself and the community he speaks for. I always felt that Dave Chappelle spoke 100% honesty especially in topics that we are afraid to talk about. I as a fellow comedian use my comedy and platform to address issues that are very controversial and sometimes stomach turning, and for many of us, our comedy is a way to express how we truly think and feel and I know that in the world of comedy, there are absolutely NO SUBTITLTIES!!!!!

Jesy Nelson featuring Nicki Minaj Boyz

Nicki Minaj and Jesy Nelson face swift and huge backlash for their music video titled “Boys.” in which the singer Jesy Nelson is accused of Blackfishing and culture appropriation. In an instagram live Nicki Minaj talked about her former band mates and talked about the video and defending Jesy from accusations of culturual appropriation and blackfishing. Nelson thanked Nicki for defending her against the claims and before thaking Nicki she talked about being in the group Little Mix and how it affected her mental health and she also apologized for offending anyone by the video.

Honestly I don’t care that Jesy Nelson is blackfishing, and I going to go even further to say i didn”t even know about her before the whole controversy about this video. Now on to Nicki Minaj; Nicki didn’t have to insert her two cents or air out anyone. She also tried to defend the situation of being accused by putting down black women who get extensions or other ways of acheiving beauty. Nicki Minaj should’ve just talked about the video exclusively or don’t come on instagram live, don’t she got bigger fish to fry?

Former Trump aide Steve Bannon

Former President Donald Trump aide Steve Bannon will most likely face chagres of contempt of court after not responding to subpoenas by the House set committee on the investigation into the January 6th insurrection in Washington D.C. Bannon’s lawyer responded to the subpoena stating that bannon will not testify due to Trump invoking executive privilege. Bannon didn’t respong to the subpoenas before or on due set deadline so the committee is deciding rather to push further with charges.

I think that they should press charges because he comitted a crime. Steve Bannon or even Donald Trump should be held responsible full on. They organized it and push the lie that he won the 2020 election when he didn’t and organized the rally. They knew what was going to happen and allowed it to continue. Oh yeah… and screw executive privilege. You aren’t even the president anymore.

Expensive Pain Meek Mill

Rapper Meek Mills album “Expensive Pain” debuted October 1st and it the album is causing contorversy due to the album artwork. The album is being promoted in major U.S cities and the cover dipicting dollar signs with naked 3 naked women posing three different ways with palm trees, cars, fire flames and a boat and a motorcycle. The naked women on the cover is what is causing the conntorversy. The cover was pained and illustrated by Nia Chanel Abney.

Well… People are in their feelings again about something that they are going to buy anyways. Good for Meek for the album cover cause its raunchy but I get the bigger picture and the album is actually good. The people I actually found that are complaining are white people which I say…”who TF asked you to speak to us about our bodies or how we felt about anything?”

It’s Striketober and that means people are quitting their jobs and crossing the picketlines. A healthcare system in Buffalo, New York is facing staff shortages due to their union members striking over poor work conditions and low pay and other unsafe practices. The union and the management of Buffalo Mercy Hospital are in negotiations over new deal. Unsafe patient care has also been reported as well.

Healthcare unions are striking and this isn’t the only situation thats happening as many unions around the country are striking and many people are forming unions and many people are walking off their jobs. People aren’t taking shit from employers, management or CEO’s. Its time to truly learn and re-invent what business and customer service really means. Covid-19 exposed all the shortcomings of capitalism, custoner based services and healthcare. They are striking for patient care and patient care is being about providing a service that will benefit that patient. Can’t provide a service if you don’t have the tools to cater to the service.

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