Former Secretary Colin Powell Past away from Covid-19 complications.🥀

Good Morning, I am writing this article to inform everyone that Former secretary of state Colin Powell past away October 18,2021 in the morning hours from complications of Covid-19. He was 84 years old.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell.

Colin Powell was the first African American secretary of state who served under Former President George W. Bush Jr. from 2001-2005 and though being a secretary of state could be considered a great accomplishment, in the Black American community he is viewed very differently.

One may say that Colin Powell was well groomed to be the secretary of state. But one may also say that even though he was groomed and experienced, that because he served under a president who was widely unpopular amongst black americans who demonstrated the lack of empathy and “backbone” to stand up to Bush when it came to foreign policies as well as not helping to dismantle systemic racism amongst those in that administration.

His family released a statement his family called him a “Remarkable and loving husband, grandfather, father and a great american” and they thanked medical staff at Walter Reed national medical center where he was being treated.

Colin Powell was a four star general who was a chairman of the Joint Chief and was a senior military officer in the U.S armed forces. In 1989 and 1993 he oversaw the U.S invasions into Panama and Kuwait as well as Operation Desert Storm in the Persian Gulf war. He was also the key player in the U.S invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Powell leaves behind his wife Anna, son Michael and daughters Linda and Annemarie.

Former President George W. Bush said that He and former first lady were “Deeply Saddened” and he was a “Great Public Servant” and “widely respected at home and abroad.”

Editors Note: I am a firm believer in being respectful to the dead. As in the piece I will keep it respectful and say that My condolences to former secretary Powell’s family. Though I must say that his legacy within my community is absolutely tainted by his actions and who he served. As many of our politicians and public figures most of them were not great people and all too often these figures disrespect the Black American community and don’t represent us or fight for us in means of tangibles. But none the less… My sympathies and condolences goes out to his family and I send nothing but peace and healing.

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