#shamelessselfpromotuesday #writerslift #writingcommunity

Good Afternoon everyone. So I know the hashtags are a bit overkill but the title and the hashtags are fitting for this piece.

I have a twitter account and on there I have am conducting a study. The study is to see how many writers and artist are out there who don’t have a huge following and develop a ginuine following off of certain hashtags and actually support the work! Right now the study is going good, much of what I expected and a little bit of what I wasn’t expecting. Over 300 artist have posted under my tweets and submitted their work, and because of this I have gained access to the brightest and creative minds on Michael Jackson’s internet and in the world of literacy, poetry, podcasting and art.

I have some works of my own as well. Journalism & Chill is my newest works of erotic writings, short stories and a DreamCast. Yep, It’s a podcast but with pure education, uncensorship and COMEDY. With a storyline behind it, So I call it a DreamCast. Its available on all digital platforms and I have been promoting it all by myself and going heavy with it. But because of actually giving back to the community of writing and art; I have been able to recieve a blessing in people enjoying my work. So with that being said…

Here is some of the best work I have ever read, Heard or Seen this week. All of these work’s were discovered on twitter. I have read, supported and Listened/watched the art and words. I endorse these works.

  • This entry was a good one. So I read a book hat was written by blackvelvetbabi called It’s always something book 1. It’s available on Wattpad. This Story is about a dysfunctional and wild group of friends at Drewson high that experience an addition of wild experiences when two other school’s emerge with their school. It’s a Good read and I’m still reading it making it through four chapters with more to go. Hit the link below to read this amazing book.
  • Twitter:bornblackvelvet
  • So I came across this book that was listed under one of my tweets with the hashtag writerslift and I clicked on it and decided to purchase. This book is so damn good. It’s called The London Life by author P. Christopher David. The setting takes place in London and it’s a gangland thriller(gang books and movies are my favorite). Jimmy Walsh and Billy Kelly have been friends since childhood and are now business partners in South London. A boss from a Local gang has ordered Jimmy and Billy to carry out a double murder on a rival North London firm. Jimmy and Billy couldn’t come together to agree on doing this order and Jimmy agrees on carrying out the order against Billy’s wishes. This book is a great read. Im on the third chapter and I have been distracted by this book knowing I have way much more important shit to do. Hit the link below to read this amazing book.
  • Twitter: PChrisDavid


  • By now… you all know that I love a good paranormal story this time of year and the entries didn’t dissapoint. With that being said I found one that I enjoy and I know you guys will enjoy it too. This book is called around the corner from sanity: Tales of the Paranormal by Jason Kilgore. The book is about stories that dive into the paranormal realms. There are fourteen chapters and so that means Fourteen stories that have unexpected settings where you would find the least of demons, angels, shost or exotic gods watching the living. What is so cool about this book is that it has a little bit of everything from comedy to thriller to science. Hit the link below to enjoy this amazing book.
  • Twitter: WorldsKilgore


  • I came across this entry after it was posted under my tweets. This is a online book called Diary of a painfully shy introvert by Emma Lucy Thompson. I read a chapter from this book about being busy in a day and not getting any sleep the night before. I found myself understanding the piece because there has been too many days where I am running on little to no sleep. I found this to be an interesting read and I am encouraging you all to read it as well. Click the link below to read.
  • Twitter: em_doapsi


These were my personal favorite entries for the week. Make sure you all check them out and show some love to the writing community around the internet. To see more entries, and if you have any works you would like for me to promote and check out follow me on Twitter: iamdreamnicole and put your works under any of my tweets with the hashtag #writerslift #writingcommunity #shamelessselfpromotion .

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