Why today’s Rap/R&B/Pop Music no longer impresses me.🎤🎶🎵

I want to write this articl with a disclaimer in it before people get all in their feelings. I am a music lover and critic and been once since I was a young kid. I always loved rap, R&B and pop music. I am also a hip hop/jazz lover as well. But Hip-Hop has fundamental rules as well as Jazz. But Rap, R&B and pop music doesn’t have any rules but instead they have phases and there isn’t anything consistent enough with phases.

Rap has always been my go-to for theraputic thinking and jamming out. But for six years now, rap music has been constantly changing. The music isn’t the same as music from 2016, but in my mind that isn’t neccesarily a good thing. The music now isn’t authentic and tracks last no more than 2 minutes with no bridge and a hook even and raping styles are trash to say the least.

I want to talk about female rap in particular because as happy as I am to see female rap make a comeback, I am not however pleased with the style of female rap. I am going to be honest and say that most if not majority of female rappers, rap the same and look the same and of course I have no one to blame but the record companies, the artist and the public for the style of music.

I feel like female rappers are selling an image rather than music, I also feel that most female rappers should’ve been models and porn stars even because they act and look as such. But the music isn’t a reflection of a higher vibration and the average person doesn’t even understand the science behind the music. I am pretty sure even that the artist themselves know the science behind the music they create and put out. But the record companies understand the science. The CEO’s will allow artist to put out music that is detremental to a population or even a civilization at best knowing what the cause and the effects are but they put an economic stamp on the music and package it as a product. It’s kind of like working for fast food PR marketing, knowing that they are putting out a dangerous product but because the money is so invested that they will put it out anyways.

I usually don’t blame the artist for their choices in the music they make considering the fact that music is art and art is controversial in itself. But if one was to study and examine the music, you will see that the music isn’t even authentic, its forced controversy and the messages behind it are contradicting and confusing at best. You can also tell that the songs being pushed out and promoted by radio stations and streaming networks have millions put behind it and the artist was told and coached to put out the piece of shit product.

Music from 1960’s to 2016 actually had meaning, rather spiritual, emotional or intellectual, you can tell the authenticity and the work that went in to making that specific track. Artist used to have to dig deep within themselves to put out a quality track. With social media and the internet being here to stay, the technology makes it easier to make a track, but that doesn’t mean quality comes into play.

Now look at the artist themselves, From Cardi B to Megan Thee Stallion, to BIA and others, the music is subpar. They make hits and sell millions of records, but if you actually listen to their music, you can pick aleast FOUR good songs from their catalogue but the rest makes you wonder, Who The Fuck was even sitting with them when they created it? Who is backing this garbage and of course, if you look at the asthetics of their looks, They all look like porn stars and on social media you can even follow their antics and of course that says alot.

Do I see female rap declining, Yes. But it was already on a decline anyways, R&B isn’t even the same as well. R&B used to be about love and connections and recovering from the heartbreak. I will say that I think that R&B was hijacked by wack ass rappers who used singing as a clutch to sell records and the record companies allowed for this sort of shit. But like I have said in the 2nd paragraph, The record companies are largely to blame because they put money and resurces behind this shit.

I used to be a rapper. I released three mixtapes and two albums and did it independently with little money and no support. My music never got the recognition and play that I felt it deserved but of course I had no record company backing me and to make it even worst, I didn’t have “The Look” to make it in the industry. In 2020 after making two songs and releasing one, I decided that being a rapper wasn’t for me. I was feeling a sense of low vibrations making music and because I didn’t have a label or PR backing me, I made the decision that it wasn’t worth me continuing in rap anymore. But what that did lead to though was my writing career and a career in comedy. I wrote 100% of my music and because my music became protected under certain licensures, If anyone listens to my music and takes my lines from my lyrics and use them, They will have to pay for that.

I continued to be a lover of music and even though I love rap, R&B and pop music, much of the shit that’s being put out needs to change. The quality of music needs to change and Artist’s needs to change the asthetics. Because while much can be said about the music being put out today, with me though… I miss the 90’s.

Disclaimer: I am a Fan of Cardi B and been rocking with her before her music career, However, I would’ve loved it if she was a comedian because I think she is much more funnier as a comic than musically talented. Megan Thee Stallion should’ve been a model. I think she is a good rapper, however she can go for being an actress or a model. This article was talking about female rap and music in general. A part two to this article will be debuting soon cause the men are NOT off my radar.

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