It’s Election Day and Black Americans will determine this election and Future elections.🇺🇲

Good Morning. This is an essay and I have recieved a challenge by the DreamGods to answer a question? Will Black Americans make a huge difference in this year election and future elections? This views expressed in this essay doesn’t represent Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded, Journalism & Chill Franchise and WordPress. These views soley are mines(Dream Nicole). This is an opinion piece and I have been asked this question exactly 30 times by email and DM’s on Instagram and Twitter. I have not answered this question in full until NOW. Here is my honest opinion and I stand ten toes down on it. I am saying this with my chest and I promise you, There will be facts presented in this opinion piece. Here is the answer the question: Will Black American’s make a huge difference in this year’s election and future elections?

YES. We will make a difference, but not in the way that most if not all think. I am not the only person who think this. My forecast for the Democrats are that they could lose this election and future elections. I spoke about this on my twitter page about why this could happen. I will say this to add on that it is not BLACK american’s job to save america. It is not even a duty that could be forced. Making a difference will simply mean that Black American’s DO NOT VOTE.

Don’t even show up to the polls, don’t even leave the house if you don’t have to or do something else that doesn’t involve voting for such incomptent people. In real life people don’t have the time to be incompetent. People don’t have time to have things delivered, promises broken and no one doing their job. These people who are voted in to represent us have not done a good job if any at all for the black community. Not one single resource or any bill that will protect Black Americans and pay what is owed to us.

In the field of nursing, Black Americans make up most of the workforce in this field with 40% being women and 20% being men. Most of us in the demographic dedicate our lives to this profession with working long hours and taking on patient loads with Black American’s speeding up triage times by 30% during the Covid-19 pandemic with most working during the pandemic. I as a Black American work in this field and represent that demgographic. We were working with little to no supplies and no support. We worked long hours and seperated from our families answering the call of duty to serve and care for those affected by Covid-19. I will tell you one thing, nothing and I do mean absolutely no amount of training or in-services would’ve even prepared us for what were faced with and are going to be faced with for a long time.

When Joe Biden was elected into office he had a “Lift every voice” platform that was to answer the questions of the Black Community and had a list of proposals and promises that he said he would deliver to the black commuity. Since being president for 11 months, Black Americans have not recieved anything of a benefit from that “Lift every voice” plan. Since he has been in office the black community has gotten two things that aren’t tangibles. Juneteenth is not a tangible holiday and neither is “Hip Hop history month” and that’s a fact. As someone who voted for Joe Biden, I got my pink slip ready and trust me I will NOT be giving my vote to his man. As for the rest of the party, my vote isn’t free. If the check isn’t cut, then my vote will not be given.

Joe Biden since being in office has given tangibles to the LGBT community, Asian Community and the Hispanic community. In the news lately The Biden Administration said it would be giving billions of dollars to immigrants who were seperated at the border during the trump Administration. Not one mention of anything he was going to do for Black Americans. Not to mention that in part of his infastructure plan he slashed a billion dollars for historically black colleges and universities. Even the democrats in Congress and the Senate have shown discontent for Black Americans.

I am sure they don’t need us. The democratic party have other demographics of people they can reach to bring their numbers up so they can hold these public offices and to continue showing discontent for Black Americans. The democratic party continues to show it’s disrespect by blantantly letting Black Americans know that they will not do anything for us and they have shown that they will perpetuate laws that systematically kills us and benefit other groups of people. I mean for crying out loud, to continue to comit state sanctioned crimes against Black Americans and expect us to be okay with it. I don’t know where they come up with this kind of thinking to begin with.

Yes, Black Americans will determine this election and future elections. Now you all might of notice in this article that I didn’t mention the Republicans. Why did I not mention the “Republican party?” I will mention them. They aren’t safe from what I have to say as well. The Republican Party lets the public know how they feel. It’s pretty much self explanatory that they are racist, they are not very educated or bright either. They care about numbers just as much as democrats, but they let their feelings about their discontent for black folks pretty known. They use black people as tokens for their Anti-Black racism and socio-economics. They are absolutely clumsy at best. They are a self-serving party that are only out for self. But of course the democratic party is the same exact way. But the democrats will gaslight and LIE.

But the republican party could win this election and that is due to the fact that Black Americans are NOT showing up to the polls. Black People are absolutely tired of being used and abused. The promises are being broken, and we as Black Americans are coming to the understanding that we have no friends in this country when it comes to Political and socio-economic avenues in America. We know the hate that these two parties have for us and so it would be in the best interest of Foundational Black Americans to simply Don’t Vote.

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