Special Op-ED : Why I am NOT suprised by the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, but BLACK Americans need to learn a valuable and life saving lesson.

Ayyyeee, What’s Goodie Everyone. I am writing this opinion editorial because I have alot of feelings about this situation of Kyle Rittenhouse being acquitted on all charges. Before I write this, I have to add a disclaimer. This piece is NOT a propoganda piece or any views from this article doesn’t represent Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded or Journalism & Chill franchise. These thoughts and feelings that will be expressed in this piece includes FACT checking and Dream Nicole’s opinions ONLY.

The Kyle Rittenhouse trial was tragic to begin with, from the unethical judicial conduct to unethical jury conduct and even the theatrics of the defendant himself, the trial showed how white supremacy does things. When you look at how high profile trials are ran or conducted you will see that there isn’t even a comparison to how black americans are treated and how white americans are treated. Racism is very clear and plain to see. But here are some things that I needed to point out.

The Judge who conducted the trial Bruce Schroeder is a judge who works for the state of Wisconsin circut court. He is the longest serving judge state court judge in Wisconsin who is also a lawyer. He is a democratic judge who was appointed by former Wisconsin governor Anthony Earl. He has been reelected every six years. The reason why I needed to point this out because it needs to be said that this is what the democratic party. He has been taking pictures with the defendant and he is even given him favors to pick his own jury and the blantant unethical judicial conduct is on display for everyone to see.

Then you have the jury, who didn’t even have enough Black jurors. That was done intentionally and the judge allowed Kyle Rittenhouse to pick his own jurors. I don’t know what happened for them to either not pay attention to the evidence that was presented at the trial but lets also not forget how the judge allowed for this to happen even dismissing the prosecutors evidence to be presented.

And then of course you have the defendant himself, Kyle Rittenhouse. He comitted the crimes while he was 17 years old, responding to an ad online about protecting property. He was driven to Kenosha Wisconsin by his mother with an AR 15 rifle and other weapons. His intention was to kill Black Americans but mistakenly killed three white people and recieved an okay from the police to do it before and after comitting the crimes. Now I want to dig into this man’s past andf what led up to him killing 3 white people at a Black Lives Matter protest in the shooting of Jacob Blake by the police.

Kyle Rittenhouse was a 17 year old white kid from Attioch Illinois who expressed support for blue lives matter and who has been recorded assaulting a white girl. Also he has participated in police cadet programs.

Now there was evidence presented to the judge, however before the trial even started, Bruce Schroeder (which I don’t even have enough respect to call him a JUDGE so I will address him by his name without the word) made a public decision that in his court room that he will not address the victims that Rittenhouse has murdered “Rioters or Looters” instead of “Victims.”

The Charges against Kyle Rittenhouse was

  • Count 1: First-degree reckless homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
  • Count 2: First-degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon
  • Count 3: First-degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
  • Count 4: Attempted first-degree intentional homicide, use of a dangerous weapon
  • Count 5: First-degree recklessly endangering safety, use of a dangerous weapon

A sixth count, possession of a dangerous weapon by a person under 18, was dropped by the judge before both sides began their closing arguements. Each shooting was captured on video. The civil unrest in Kenosha was heavily documented the night of the shootings, and the digital media, including footage, has helped investigators and Rittenhouse’s defense team establish a timeline of events for the jury. Videos of the shootings from bystanders and videographers played a major role in the government’s case, including an FBI infrared video from a surveillance plane from almost 9,000 feet above the spot where Rittenhouse shot Rosenbaum. 

Other videos show Rittenhouse fleeing after shooting Rosenbaum and a crowd of people pursuing him, some yelling, “Beat him up,” “Hey, he shot him,” and “Get him! Get that dude!” Prior to the second shooting, Rittenhouse says he tripped and fell to the ground. Video shows him down on the street, at which point Huber tried to take his gun before Rittenhouse shot and killed him. Cellphone video shows Rittenhouse walking away from the scene, and toward police vehicles, with his hands raised. Shortly after, Rittenhouse shot a third victim, Gaige Grosskreutz in the arm. Grosskreutz was holding a handgun at the time he was shot. Rittenhouse’s lawyers claim he acted in self-defense.  

The prosecution tried their best to discredit the core of his defense by questioning why a teenager who possessed an AR-15 style rifle would feel that his life was in danger. Thomas Binger, the lead prosecutor, tried to depict Rittenhouse as an armed threat, using witness accounts who claimed the teen raised his gun in the direction of others throughout the night. “You’re telling us that you felt like you were about to die, right? But when you point the gun at someone else, that’s going to make them feel like they’re about to die, right? That’s what you wanted him to feel,” Binger said. Flustered and on the verge of tears, Rittenhouse claimed one of the victims could have run away instead of trying to take his gun. Prosecutors introduced a drone video showing Rittenhouse shooting Joseph Rosenbaum at close range after Rosenbaum had followed the teen. The footage depicted the clearest images yet of the event that set in motion the bloodshed that followed.

Prosecutors brought several witnesses, including Dominick Black, who is a friend of Rittenhouse’s who faces his own trial for buying the him an AR-15 style rifle he wasn’t old enough to legally possess. He testified that Rittenhouse called him seconds after the first shooting saying “I shot somebody, I shot somebody.” He described Rittenhouse as “freaking out” and “really scared.”  Martin Howard, a Kenosha police detective, testified that Rittenhouse shouted “Friendly! Friendly! Friendly!” as he was being chased by Rosenbaum, and agreed with the defense’s characterization that their confrontation appeared to look like “the classic ambush.”Prosecutors made extensive use of the footage from the shootings during their closing arguments.

The defense argues Rittenhouse acted in self-defense. They had witnesses who spoke to the timeline of events in an attempt to give credibility to Rittenhouse’s claims he felt threatened, and another who was present that night and referred to those protesting police brutality as “violent rioters” and “Antifa.” The defense called several witnesses over two and a half days, including Rittenhouse, who was given the opportunity to tell his side of the story. Rittenhouse described the moments leading up to his interaction with Joseph Rosenbaum, the first man he shot and killed, and depicted Rosenbaum as the aggressor who ambushed himThe defense claims Rosenbaum made verbal threats against Rittenhouse’s life; an accusation the state disputes, saying he “had no means to carry out his threat.” Rittenhouse said he did not notice Rosenbaum until he ran out from behind the car. At that point, Joshua Ziminski, who has since been charged with disorderly conduct, stepped toward him with a pistol in his hand, causing Rittenhouse to drop the fire extinguisher he was holding and making him take a step back. Over his shoulder, Rittenhouse said he saw Rosenbaum running from the right side, saying he was “cornered.”

Rittenhouse recalled how he felt he needed to run away from Rosenbaum after seeing him “gaining speed” in Rittenhouse’s direction with his arms out. “I didn’t want to have to kill Mr. Rosenbaum,” Rittenhouse said. When asked why he continued firing after the first shot, he said, “I continued to shoot until he was no longer a threat to me.”Rittenhouse claimed he wanted to turn himself in to police but a mob began chasing him. As he was running, Rittenhouse encountered Huber, who he says struck him in the back of his head with his skateboard. After falling to the ground, Rittenhouse said a group of people surrounded him, and he pointed his gun toward them. Huber did not back off, and Rittenhouse claims Huber kicked him in the face, and then struck him in the neck with his skateboard. Rittenhouse claimed Hubert reached for his weapon when he fired one shot into his chest. Shortly after that, the teen said he then lowered his weapon and spotted Grosskreutz. He said he noticed that Grosskreutz had a pistol in his hand and shot him once in the arm. 

The Jury found Kyle Rittenhouse Not Guilty on all charges. What does that mean for Black Americans? Well for Foundational Black American’s this means that it’s okay for white people especially white children to go around and kill people with no consequences and the criminal justice system will back them and okay their criminal behaviors.

What this also shows is that white supremacy exist and racism will always be the reason why systemic disavantages will be allowed and the people that benefit from a system of white supremacy will sacrifice their own to uphold the powers that be. The situation is absolutely diar and calls for alarm.

Foundational Black Americans have every single right to protections such as socio-economic, Criminal Justice protections as well as full on economic. It’s not about slogans and asthetics. It’s about understanding how white supremacy works so we can fight it and defeat it. At this point I don’t feel as though we have no other choice but to accept this for what it is. It is a race war and always have been about race war. This is simply about race and I am just going to be honest, White people hate Black People so much!!!! Also, white people are NOT to be trusted.

Now with what I just said, I know this might make some people upset, angry and even peeved. I’m okay with that because this is MY platform.

As a healthcare worker, I know this to be true. I have worked in the most dangerous of places and settings, I have talked with over thousand’s of people and sat at the table with some of the most powerful. I have seen how white people act, hear and know what they think. I also want to black americans to understand that these people hold money, when we are in these spaces, BE SILENT and simply LISTEN. Ask questions and ginuinely show interest BUT always keep in the back of your mind that you are in the business to PIMP them. It’s all business and don’t ever be afraid to DEMAND THE PRICE. Don’t ever be afraid to let them know what it is YOU want.

Another thing to understand that is, white people are the enemy. Before you ever engage with your enemy, you must study them. You HAVE to know how they operate. Understand that there is different kind’s of white people with “Different” cultures or whatever that is, but know that there is something that they will throw around maybe once. Pay attention to it. White people love to be in communities that only serve their interest. They will use their interest and gather people around it only for a sacrifice for them to only acheive their self interest. In hindsight, white people only know about trade and exchange.

Science and theology have always seemed to benefit white people. They are not afraid to get their hands dirty even in the name of health. This pandemic there were more young white people graduating college with economic degrees and law degrees and instead of creating non-profits, they were creating for-profit health care centers to cater to the population who were affected with covid-19 while there were more Foundational Black Americans who were graduating college with a degree in Nursing and were the ones on the front-lines fighting this virus head on. While both may seem all and great, to be honest IT ABSOLUTELY WAS NOT ALL AND GREAT. The CEO’s who were not nurses or that didn’t do anything but stayed home reaped in all the benefits and money and instead of paying and providing protections to the nurses, the hoarded the money and shelled out millions to pay for replacement nurses and even bought strike insurances. And most of these CEO’s again were WHITE.

The Nursing field changed 10 fold. When people started noticing how travel nurses and agency nurses were being paid alot of money, Union nurses started to resign and go into travel nursing. Others left the profession and became business-owners because Foundational Black American’s are demanding reparations!!!! As of right now, there are strikes and more nurses are leaving the profession by the thousand’s. This isn’t a time where you want to get sick because the chances of you surviving in these hospitals are slim to NONE. You won’t make it because simply, there aren’t enough nurses. As Foundational Black American’s you have to start demanding your worth when it comes to dealing with white people and you have to not be scared to square up with them when it comes to talking about the bag.

So understand, We voted a democratic president, A democratic congress and a Democratic senate. It’s time that we start demanding that they cut the check!!!! We put them in those offices that they hold and they are not producing the results that we need!!!! The whole show and theatrics are absolutely above us now at this point. It’s time that we also become prepared by educating ourseves on industries that hold the highest demand, it’s time that we learn about the american laws and the government and it is also time that we start learning how to invest our money. Also, and I say this with some butterflies in my stomach and my heart beating fast but I am not scared to say it. Fuck it. It’s time we start to become armed and it is also time that we STOP VOTING!!!!! Stop inviting these people to the fucking cookout. They don’t belong here. There is nothing else to talk about.

I mean how long is it going to take and what is it going to take at this point because the truth of the matter is, Foundational Black Americans have built this country. These white folk been lazy as fuck for some 400 years and know damn well they cannot produce the results of an ecomony without black people. Karma exist. That’s just the law of the universe. You cannot keep going around stealing and killing off things because it’s okay to do so. It don’t work like that.

There has to be a change because unless we don’t start standing the fuck up and bring the smoke, you are going to have alot more Kyle Rittenhouse’s and Dylan Roof’s making this the norm. There are 20 million of Foundational Black American’s alive in this country and The numbers will rise because simply, they cannot kill us all! We need to get rid of all these “Black Politicians” because they are NOT representing the Foundational Black American Community well and we need to STOP BOOTLICKING.

I am also known as a spiritual gangster. A spiritual gangster is someone who is very spiritual with the laws of the universe. A spiritual gansgter protects themselves and are not afraid to connect with the elements of the earth. A spiritual gangster is a realest and respect’s science and learns the history of how the world was before them. So as a spiritual gangster I know history and there is a pattern that is being very clear to see. White people don’t understand the concept of respect, dignity and integrity. They have no moral compass. Look at the history and google some of the most bloodiest wars which were caused by their “Religions.” Christianity and Catholicism are the most sinful religions in the entire planet. I mean seriously, these religions are the most powerful in the world but that didnt involve world peace and having respect, dignity and integrity, and I have to add honesty in there because like what the fuck!!!! I mean if ya really knew how your enemy work’s I dont know; I wouldn’t want to be anything like them. The use their religions to colonialize and destroy populations and civilizatons of people. Look at how the world is today and why things are. Foundational Black American’s need to leave christianity in the dust. The black churches and these pastors are not sevring our interest and can care less. Fill them plates up and show TF off in your vanity once you enter them doors. Those churches depend on federal dollars and tax exemptions and they prey on Foundational Black Americans and our dollars. We cannot accept this as the status quo.

In education, and this is important, We have to start building our institutions and invest in our own community. It’s time that Foundational Black Americans get involved in STEM programs and ECONOMIC courses with a skills in trade’s and customer service. We need to start understanding how OUR bodies work and discover medicine that will make us superior and compete with others in the industry. We need to also invest in buying and securing our institutions from white supremacist in power.

And to end all things on a powerful note we need to understand that WE THE FOUNDATIONAL BLACK AMERICANS DONOT NEED WHITE PEOPLE FOR ANYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! White people need us. They need us because they don’t have any natural connection to the earth and to the laws of the universe. We cannot be scared to stand up to these people and stand up to white supremacy. Be a proud in being black because Black is FIRST and everything else is second.

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