The Healers. Why are they so important now.

Good Evening. I would like to start this article off with a Happy Holidays everyone and Be Safe out there.

Now. Here we are again. Here we the fuck are. Were here again. The only difference is; is that the Federal government aren’t going to have a shut down and neither is New York State and no stimmies are coming for anyone. So guess what, we are on our own, however… I want every foundational Black American to know that YOU ARE NOT ALONE. We can and will get through this third wave as we have done so before with the first and second one. If we think critically, strategically with praticality, and methodically, we can survive and succeed in during the third wave.

DISCLAIMER: Now I want everyone to know this is MY OPINION and it does not represent any organization including Journalism & Chill The Diary and Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded.

Working in healthcare for as long as I have one thing I learned is to protect yourself. This is a skill that is taught and indoctrinated in the healthcare profession because the healthcare industry is a business. And just simply that. If you actually think that the insurance companies and the CEO’s of these healthcare facilities care about you, Let me promise you one thing. They care about you just as much as they care about when their pocket is empty. What is really keeping these facilities alive was the CARES Act funds, The Payment Protection Program and EMPLOYEES.

The Healthcare field became the biggest industry in 2020 with technology and Food Service behind it. The Administrators and big healthcare lobbyist including insurers made 500 hundred thousand to 50 million dollars in take home money leaving just about 50 thousand to 12 million towards the upkeep of these facilities and 100 thousand on personal protective equipment. Now I didn’t mention employees or workers because simply they had no spending plan or didnt even bother to invest in workers EXCEPT for when they actually needed workers to handle the demand of sick and dying patients. Here is how they decided to spend that money when it came to workers. They are still doing this as of writing and publishing this article.

The CEO’s and Administrators put out 10 to 30 million dollars in travel and local contracts. They didn’t want to pay for benefits due to the fact that they owed money to strike insurance companies and rather pay off that debt and give raises to other members in management and themselves, there is more to this but thats the main point. With unionize workers they have to shell out in upwards of 20-50 million dollars to pay for benefits such as healthcare insurance, Pensions, 401k’s, lawyers and union firms with about 20% coming out of workers paychecks on top of taxes. It doesn’t seem like alot of money compared to whatever else they decided to use it for however it seemed more cost-effective to hire people non-union with a contract to pay them but not to issue benefits because the pay is much higher. That’s exactly what happened. For local contracts CEO’s and Administrators shelled out 10 million in places like New York, California, Washington and Texas with 20 million going to Travel agencies, So it made sense to leave the unions and direct hire circuts and go to agencies and travel nursing.

I have always worked agencies. I have been working agencies since 2013. My very first hire in NYC was with an agency and I am still with them. The reason why I stick with agencies are because they are an easy hire, the pay is different from direct hire, the flexibility is great and the obligation isn’t hard or harsh. I can decide my pay, my hours and the facility I want to work at. That’s the beauty of it and the pay is usually higher. Since 2015 my pay rate with one agency pays the same rate as the union or direct hire pay. I make more than them coming out at the end of the week because no money was taken out for benefits. I didnt ask for them in a contract and they didn’t offer it. I can get those benefits myself for a better price just paying for them myself.

The Truth is though that Nurses and other healthcare personnell are leaving beside services by the thousands with over 100,000 nurses and other healthcare personnel leaving bedside in 2020 and 50,000 in 2021 with millions expected to leave in 2022. Those reasons are simply due to management, politics and the lack of giving a fuck about employees and safe patient staff ratios amongst other things. In New York when the vaccine mandates took place, over 20,000 nurses state wide and over 5,000 nurses in NYC left bedside due to those mandates on top of union contracts reaching their deadlines to end and administrators don’t want to renew or answer to the demands of their workers, with also politicians such as NY governor Kathy Hochul and others not passing laws to protect healthcare workers and creating mandates, and then, you have Covid-19 and the infection itself which puts healthcare workers at risk, has been and will be the causes of why Nurses are leaving.

Cases are rising, and a new variant called Omicron is here. Covid-19 is not going away and so we need a comprehensive follow through that actually works. The federal Government’s handling of Covid-19 by both democrats and republicans was done poorly and the lies that have been told isn’t going to make anything better. The sheer and utter ignorance is astounding with a huge lack of empathy, compassion and honesty added to that. I don’t have to put out any examples of the bull crap that has been put out there regarding this virus. Employment is down and has not risen dispite the lies that are being told by the media. Minimum wage hasn’t gone up and corruption of american business or american finances are happening. People at this point see right through the smoking mirrors and realize how badly they are being screwed by the American Government, especially Black Americans. Racism is at an all time high than it ever was before with politicians blantanly comitting acts of racism through the laws and bills they pass and simply ignoring the needs and wants of Black Americans.

Shit is hitting the fan. I want Foundational Black Americans to protect themselves and empower themselves from Covid-19 and the bullshit that comes with it.

1. Don’t tune in to telivision often. If possible, stay away from the mainstream news cycle. ABC, CNN, Fox News and others have lied consistently about the virus, the numbers and we all know they are getting a huge payout from the federal government to share information that is NOT true. They are the ones who are spreading misinformation about EVERYTHING. Get your news from reputable sources. The New Black Media is a source of truthful and fact checking information. No kickbacks or under the table payouts. Go on YOUTUBE and look up these three names. 1. Tariq Nasheed. 2. Professor BlackTruth and 3. The Black Authority or Jason Black. These three individuals have a media company that is simply for Foundational Black Americans that put out information that you will not hear about on mainstream media.

2. Social Distance and keep your sanity and peace of mind. All too often we long for the company of others. It is the holiday season and the urge to spend the days with family and friends seems really nice right? But at what price. In the Black American community, the dysfunction, the disruption of peace can happen all too often simply because there are members of our family that live and breathe chaos and dysfunction and will bring that around others. Why celebrate the holidays around people who are just simply chaotic, rude, ghetto and dysfunctional??? Protect your peace of mind. If you don’t want to engage in social events then simply don’t. You can use Covid-19 as an excuse or you can simply be honest and let others in your close circle know why you don’t want to engage or be around. Cases are going up and the new variant is easily spreadable and so is the delta variant. If you want to have a happy, peaceful and abundant holiday, it’s best to filter out anybody that isn’t condusive to your well-being and cut off people who don’t align with your values.

3. Hygeine is important. Wash your ass with soap and water. Brush your teeth and rinse your mouth out with mouthwash. Studies have shown that Listerine fights and kills Covid-19. It’s not a cure for it. But it keeps your mouth clean and keeps Covid-19 cells out of your mouth. Keep up with your hygeine every single day. Stay vigilant. Wash your hands with soap and water and keep a bottle of hand sanitizer with you when you don’t have access to a sink.

4. Get Vaccinated. Now this is a controversial topic due to other peramiters surrounding it. Now Im not here to force anyone to get vaccinated. But here is the truth, getting vaccinated will keep you out of the hospital. Getting vaccinated will keep you from getting on a ventilator if you were to contact Covid-19. Now there have been breakthrough cases, infact over thousands of them. The vaccine isn’t 100% effective, however, it will keep you out of the hospital. You don’t want to be a patient in the hospital system I promise you. It’s not fun nor safe to be in one, especially because there aren’t enough Nurses and Doctors and other personnel to care for you in these settings. The insurance companies don’t give a fuck about you and neither does the administrators. Get the jab and stay the fuck out of the hospital.

5. Look at industries that are the most sucessful due to profit gains and most employable. The Healthcare Field, Food Service, Internal Technology and trucking has been the most successful industries and the demand is absolutely high for these industries. They are employing right now and will forever be employing people with payouts being very high and above minimum wage. While other industries such as entertainment, hospitality, Accounting, Governmental will most likely be shutting down due to increase in cases, the industries listed above this paragraph will be available. Especially Healthcare which I am advising everyone to get involved in this industry. Money is being shelled out right now to provide training and schooling for people to become nurses, CNA’s PCT’s and other healthcare personnel with Hospitals and other facilities shelling out millions of dollars for travel and nursing agencies to fill up staff quotas. The Need and demand is high and it’s very easy to take advantage of the oppourutnities within.

6. WEAR A FUCKING MASK FOR CRYING OUTLOUD!!!!! I don’t care if you have a breathing problem. I don’t care if you don’t even like wearing them. Just wear the mask because it protects you from getting covid-19 and other respiratory illnesses such as the common cold. Wear the mask.

7. Watch your diet. Eat what’s good for you because what you eat really does affect your health from skin to lungs. Don’t load up on sugar and infact I actually warn against sugar products and the actual product itself, sugar; because it is truly unsafe and dangerous. Sugar should be considered a drug but hell what in the fuck do I know. Stay away from it. It increases mucuous and brings on a host of other issues.

8. Surround yourself with positive, educated and openminded people who have emotional tolerance and emotional apathy. Stay away from the negative, unemployed, uneducated, emotional intolerant people. I say this because in a middle of a pandemic, the last thing you need is a person who will cause all kinds of problems and chaos around you. Have someone who have a sound mind and who is openminded and exercises common sense. Temperance is a developed skill and is something that is valued because you don’t want someone who is quick to become ill-tempered. Network and create spaces that foster healing and learning and leadership. In the Black American community we don’t exercise leadership when it comes to our spaces. We must set a code of conduct that fosters development of skills to bring about businesses that will benefit us. If the federal government is giving out unemployment and Payment Protection Program grant’s please invest it in creating business and gaining an education that will give access to wealth for our community. But being real here… A shutdown seems unlikely and people have returned to work or are working on returning to the workforce must be vaccinated and wear mask. Usually for me, I carry hand sanitizer and tissues with nitrile gloves. When coming into your home you should remove your shoes and clothes at the door and put the items in a bag and store them in a dirty clothes hamper for them to be washed. Wash your clothes with a laundry sanitizer that is seperate from detergent and fabric softner. I keep a can of lysol on me on all times and sanitize my shoes.

These are a few rules that I live by. I have not contracted Covid-19 ever and I have been working on the front lines in Covid-19 crisis programs and units during the entire time the pandemic has been declared. Trust me, I am thriving and surviving. Being a Healer is a making mistakes and learning from them. while there was a few mistakes, I now learned from them and haven’t made the same mistakes. Foundational Black Americans are healers and that’s in our culture and DNA. Be A HEALER. It’s way more beneficial to you and others. Have a beautiful and prosperous Christmas, Kwanzaa and a Abundant and blessed New Year.

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