Happy New Year 2022. A word from the Dream.🎇🍾🥂🥳

Ayyyeee…What’s Goodie Everyone. So Happy New Years to everyone in the Foundational Black Community. I want to address some things in this opinion essay here.

SO… I am NOT sure if any of you are aware but there has been some very interesting forces that are happening in the Foundational Black Community that are highly telling. For one, I am glad that we are taking back our power and defining what our interest are in the economic, creative and health sphere. We are also addressing things that may not be in the best interest of our community and establishing a code of conduct in our interest. That’s a good thing.

I need for people to understand that this website is a safe space for Foundational Black Americans. This page is for the inner nerd, geek, literary scholar and just those who like to recieve information and enjoyment. With new projects on the way I would like to disclose what those projects will be.

Journalism & Chill: The Diary will be premiering brand new chapters of Pussy & Comedy. Pussy & Comedy became a hit amongst many people last year when I debuted the first chapter in October of 2021. I didn’t premiere an actual promo for it but now I have one so stay tuned in the coming days.

Journalism & Chill The DreamCast is all the way up and I want to say thank you to everyone that streamed and listened. The DreamCast ended the year off with over 20,000 streams and for a regular ass girl who is not known at all… thats amazing AF!!!! I got a Brand New episode premiering very soon. Just know… It’s a New Year, but the smoke never cleared. So stay tuned for that and join the movement.

The Healers is a new series where I bring you all the information about everything that is related to healthcare and economics. I wrote an article commemorating the 2021 holiday season called “The Healers” where I emphasized on the need for more people to enter in the healthcare field and the economics behind the healthcare industry. Rough Drafts are being drawn and the final drafts are coming soon so stay tuned.

Journalism & Chill: Unwritten is a new series where I will have people email me their erotic stories and I will publish them on here. The stories will be uncut and uncensored. The criteria will be someone who is a Writer, Journalist, Author or Artist or anyone OVER THE AGE OF 25 year old. Must be a Foundational Black American and the story MUST be interesting. YOU can be anonymous or public if you choose and you have to be exclusively from the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and or it’s territories. The stories will premiere every Friday and Saturday on here!!!! So tune in on Friday Nights here.

These projects that I am creating and producing is something that I take seriously because as a Healthcare worker my goal is fixing and healing my community. As a Foundational Black American I am proud in saying those three words and carry those three words with me when I attend my job, when I leave my job, in my home and outside of that. These projects will be created in good favor and with careful consideration.

And Last but NOT the very least, I want to thank YOU , the DreamGods for your support throughout these years. You are amazing and very special to me and YOU have decided to join the movement and that means so much to me. I will continue to do the work in putting content out that is fullfilling and represents the culture of the Descendant of American Slaves and Foundational Black Americans.

Join the Movement right now. Become a #DreamGod and follow me on social media for news and updates on content. Also, Follow this space here on WordPress!!!! Click the links below. And HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!!

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/iamdreamnicole

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