Opinion- Dr. Martin Luther King and Repairations.

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I wanted to write an essay about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and what he really stood for and what his legacy truly means.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s legacy is celebrated all over the United States and the world. On the third Monday of January, the holiday is observed in national standards as a paid/legal holiday.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Was a Baptist minister and a social activist who is responsible for the civil rights act and voting rights act of 1964. He played a huge part in the civil rights movement advocating for the social justice and economic empowerment of Foundational Black Americans through non-violent engagement and civil disobedience.

Dr. King became very famous for his 1965’s “I have a Dream” speech in Washington DC. In 1968 Dr. King was assassinated by a white supremacists named James Earl Ray.

Dr. King’s legacy has been tainted I will say. It has been tainted with a false version and perception of inclusion, diversity and integration. But in truth… That was far from what Dr. King has advocated for. Dr. King was advocating for Black empowerment, Black economics and Repairations for black americans. In an NBC interview which was conducted shortly before his death and three on the half years since his “I have a Dream” speech, Dr. King emphasized on his speech and his regret for saying it and believing in it at the time, stating that his “dream” turned into a “nightmare.”

What his legacy did do was bring a force of a generations after his to learn from the mistakes of the civil rights movement and gave strength and knowledge for Foundational Black Americans to continue to fight for justice and economic power in the community. America has benefitted off the civil rights act which was used to benefit Foundational Black Americans only, but the law has been beneficial for every other race and nationality of people to live and benefit in America. But the civil rights act have not been much of a benefit for those that the law was created to benefit. Dr. King’s legacy also raised questions about the longevity of Foundational Black American empowerment and how to get rid of the agendas that have formed behind the “words and mission” of Dr. King that have been used to tear down Foundational Black Americans. In 2022 issues that Dr. King have advocated and fought against are still issues plaguing is til this very day.

Right now as I am writing this article, there will be people using his words and his mission to promote a bill that isn’t going to benefit black Americans. That bill is the “voting rights bill” and that is a bill that is supposed to give a hand up for black Americans to vote. But this leads to another question… Don’t we already have a voting law called the voting rights act of 1964? Why not captialize off that but of course… This is the United States government right.

On this day, I want to celebrate Dr. King by giving back to my community. By working in the healthcare field, advocating for my Foundational Black American patients and co-workers as well as fellow CNAs and other healthcare workers in NYC, showing others how to conduct themselves in healthcare and how to make this industry work for us.

It’s time that Black American’s start to advocate for things that really matter. That’s what Dr. King’s legacy is about. Repairations.

I talk about reparations on this site a lot. In fact I believe I have a whole article talking about reparations but if not… Then my mind has been in a state of dooziness. Repairations. Reparations is a term that means repairing what was broken by society or a system that benefitted off of being broken. The system of white supremacy benefitted off the backs of Foundational Black Americans from slavery, Jim Crow, welfare system and criminal justice. Black Americans build this country. We did this involuntarily and against our will. Foundational Black Americans were bought to the original 13 colonies by white European settlers (colonizers) because of there inability to do the labor.

It is time that the United States Federal Government pays Foundational Black Americans what they owe. It is time to simply Cut The Check. Pay us for our labor and pay us for the crimes that you have committed against Black Americans. Dr. King talked about Repairations and how that’s going to be of demands when he goes to Washington DC. Repairations is NOT about integration or diversity or any other things that the mainstream media likes to put out there. It’s time that Black Americans be paid in forms of monetary value, give out checks to the descendants of American Slaves and for the end of racism in criminal justice as well as an end to racism in economics. Quality healthcare and quality education for black Americans, get rid of all statues and institutions that symbolizes racism and crimes against Black Americans, and hold people accountable for committing crimes against Black Americans. I think it’s time we stop asking and start demanding or just simply take it.

I believe that if Dr. King was alive today, he would be displeased by way things are for black Americans today. I also believe that Dr. King would’ve took back that “I have a Dream” speech or discredit that all together. I truly believe that we would have a strong and staunch advocate for repairations and Other economic tangibles.

Rest. In . Power Dr. Martin Luther King. Your legacy will continue. 🥀🖤

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