Mercury Retrograde and the Fall Off.โ™Š๐Ÿ’€๐Ÿ˜”๐Ÿ’ฏ

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So we are in a phenomenon where the planets are shaping our planet and the energies that shape our lives. The Mercury Retrograde.

I speak about the Mercury Retrograde in my last piece which is available on HERE!

So I want to talk about something that has been affecting me. Communication and speed. As a Gemini sun and a Leo moon, I am seriously feeling the effects of Mercury Retrograde being that my sun is Mercury and when Mercury is in retrograde it throws me completely off.

I am highly bothered by not being able to communicate things properly. I feel lately when I am at work and I am having casual conversations about race and politics which I can usually hold an intelligent and healthy conversation. But lately the conversations turn into debates and arguments and make people uncomfortable and I come off as conformational and racist. Which is none of my intention because I am NOT a racist, but I am pro-black and is passionate about my community and fighting injustices and issues that affects my community. It is hard to even communicate simple things such as being at work and communicating to my bosses that I need help and or need supplies without it being standoffish or passive. I can’t even hold a casual conversation with my roommates or my siblings. It is hard right now.

My speed in which I communicate is thrown off as well. I sometimes slur some words and it takes me a minute to form sentences. I really thought something was wrong with me, like I legitimately had a condition or was suffering from a stroke until I went to see my primary care physician and she let me know that I wasn’t suffering from a stroke or that there wasn’t anything wrong with my brain health wise. But that I was suffering from a phenomenon called Mercury Retrograde which was then I had a A-Ha moment, because I have been through this before. But for some odd reason I didn’t prepare for it.

I can’t even commit to any extra goals or add anything extra to my life because it will just simply overwhelm me. I want to embark on my stand-up comedian career, I had to cancel a lot of open mics due to COVID-19 cases rising during the holiday season to now having to reschedule my performances because of Mercury Retrograde. Just writing is difficult.

Mercury Retrograde is over on February 3, 2022 and even after that; there is a one week shadow period where the reminants of the retrograde linger due to a transition. Now I am absolutely trying my best to deal with this phenomenon and how I can be healthy and positive during this time.

I have been in deep reflection, instead of rushing through things and adding on things, I just been dealing and working on what I was doing before the retrograde and attending to any obligations I had before the retrograde.

I mediate. I practice controlled breathing in silence with the aide of an app called Youperยฎ. Youper is a mental health app which is very good for someone who is working and such. They offer meditation exercises as well as therapy and mental assessments. The app is available on the Apple App store as well as Google Play store.

I don’t make any uneccessary purchases at all. I only spend money exclusively on Transportation, Toiletries, Groceries and RENT. Other bills may include Cell Phone and Credit Card bills. Lately I have been wanting to get my nails done and buy some clothes and more wigs and shoes. BUT I haven’t been able to spend money on that because I have priorities and bills. I am also saving money and I don’t want to be in a situation where I am flat broke and need money for something important. So saving money and not spending is something I have done during this retrograde.

Practicing mindfulness and being grateful is extremely important. Because of the throw off of communication and intelligence, if not mindful of the environment or people around you, it can cause chaos and deplete relationships and opportunities. This is something I am learning and practicing. I am also learning to be grateful for things I do have and the opportunities I am involved in and the people that are in my life. Things are great and though things are slow and paused right now, I have to keep myself in the boat and not fall off.


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