J&C Original: Journalism & Chill chapter VIII. The Gemini God. โ™Š๐Ÿ’ฆ

I fell in love, before the actions of Reignin and I, the energy was very intense naturally. Even up until this moment, the energy is still intense. But Reignin and I havent been as close as we once was.

Reignin and I are very much apart but we are not broken up. We are seperated due to scheduling conflicts as we both are at the very top of our careers. Reignin is touring europe and will be Austrailia next. I on the other hand, just got done finishing up touring in Canada. The comedy scene is very hot right now in NYC especially in Brooklyn. I had picked up four gigs around the borrough and killed all four sets. I am really on fire. But for some reason I couldn’t wrap my head around wanting Reignin around me and enjoy my success with me so bad, not realizing that He was his own person and was on TOP of career, he is touring and he is on fire as well. I just wish we can communicate openly and comfortably because I want him really bad.

Morgan found himself a lady which I was happy as hell because he can stop flirting with me and conduct business like business partners should. So that was done, Reignin was my heart and had my heart wrapped in his hands, sometimes I wish he would stop acting wierd towards me and communicate with me a little bit more. The energy is intense and we communicate through other means but as of lately, he is coming off as stand-offish to me and I cannot figure out why because I feel as though I have done nothing but show him how a REAL woman is supposed to love him. He doesn’t even communicate with me through cell or webcam or video chat. He didn’t break up with me. So what is the fucking problem!!!!????!!!!

So I have been a wreck over Reignin not communicating with me. I decided to take myself out of this funk and focus on me. By the way, it’s been a long time since I have gotten a manicure and a pedicure. I figure that it was time to get them done. I found a Foundational black American manicurist who specializes in acrylics and gel and decided to pay her a full $200.00 for my nails and toes to be done. She does house calls and her name is Deenia.

Deenia rings the doorbell and I swings from my bed to the living room to open the door. She enters my home with a luggage case which was filled with all supplies she needed to turn my nails and toes the fuck out. She came triple prepared and gave my feet the care they so badly needed. Then she did my nails and the designs were absolutely amazing. I felt very good because it was time to care for myself, but in hindsight… I wanted Reignin with me so bad. Everytime I thought about him made me so wet, so hot and passionate.

After the Mani and Pedi appointment, I went grocery shopping because I simply needed food in my refrigerator. I wanted to cook something delicious even though I was hungry as hell and wanted something quick. I decided also that I was going to be healthy due to some health problems that arose because of bad eating habits and drinking alcohol. So cooking is something I am good at and it’s something that I needed to do anyways. I was manifesting things that I had no idea I would manifest and life wa great except for my health. My love life was also lonely. Me and Reignin never talked or decided where we are in our relationship. We would talk about very interesting topics, the sex was amazing and that was simply it.

After grocery shopping, I was finally home, food was put away and I was still extremely horny. I took a shower and while in the shower, I had a dream about how Reignin took my pussy away from me. I started bathing myself with a washcloth and Lemon, Rose Water scented bodywash. I began to wash myself passionately, thinking about how he ate my pussy so good and how he made me squirt. Reignin always mind fucked me before sex, taking about politics, science, math and other things that people don’t usually talk about on the daily. I went to wash my cat with some Yoni spring wash, I began to passionately wash my pussy caressing my clitoris with the soap and washcloth cupping it. I washed her slowly and it felt so good. I didnt masturbate yet because that wasn’t the time or place to do that sort of thing. So I had enough discipline to wait and control my urges until I got out the shower.

I got out the shower and began to lotion my body and put on my lounge set which was some cotton briefs for ladies and a sports bra. I went the kitchen grab myself a cup of water, ate a banana and went to bed. I laid in bed and watched the late show with Steven Micorn and began to drift off wet dreaming about Reignin. After feeling intensely horny I decided to turn myself out and play with my pussy. I got out my rabbit vibrator and pressed the end tip up against my clitoris lightly. I would tap her with it aleast ten times before I got wet and slid the bigger part inside of me while the smaller part attached touched my clitoris. I slid my vibrator in and out of my wet and warm pussy while I had it on the highest vibrating setting.

Reignin had me when he spoke about the theory of god and why we believe in such a higher power. I had questions about religion of course. But I also had questions about religion such as “Why are we here and, is there really a purpose to why we are here.” He spoke on that there was a reason but that reason cannot be explained as he said that; “we aren’t any bigger or better than any other species,” and of course, there was more intellectual stimulation that took place and as he was speaking to me, he began to touch my hands and massage the both ot them passionately while telling me that he loved me saying “Jessica, I Love you.” (Which he has actually said) He moved from my hands to kissing me passionately while holding me and supporting my frame. He went from kissing and tounging me to my neck, softly planting kisses and licking it. He skipped my breast and began to taste my pussy, licking my labia and teasing the clitoris with his tongue lightly. He slid his tongue inside my pussy and stroked it, afterwards his lips suctioned my clitoris while he spelled his name with his tongue on it.

I began to stroke myself harder and faster with my vibrator when I became interrupted by the doorbell. I instantly awaken and turn of my vibrator. I put on a extra large black t-shirt and biker shorts. My pussy is still wet and I came but not fully. I run to the door and look out the small peek-hole in the door.

It’s Reignin. Standing there with giftbags and flowers.

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