From the CEO &chief editor: Manifestation and Queens Disease. 💰👑🎓👇☝️⭐

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So This is the first published article on Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded ™ since a month ago when I published the last article. (Scroll down for the last one) A lot has happened to me since then and I will break it all down in this piece called Manifestation and Queens Disease.

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I started manifesting since 2020. The big changes occured in which I became single and started living and moving on my own. Many transformations that I have had since 2020 have been very powerful. The first one I want to start off with is spiritual, how having spirituality is the blueprint to success. I left secular religion alone and began going down a rabbit hole of discovering who I really was. It began with Buddhism, African American hoodoo, Astrology and Understanding science.

Science is spirituality. I think I wanted to express this point because in spirituality, we have questions and that’s how it usually starts, with just questions and, whatever those questions are, we seek answers because the questions bring deep emotional and logical motivation to which are why we continuously seek the answers from those questions. Buddhism, African American hoodoo, and Astrology are SCIENCE.

I began this journey five years ago with myself taking it very seriously as of two years ago. I was alone when I began my journey and along the way met some very great people who are by my side, educating me about what I am discovering and encouraging me to love and cherish myself along this journey. Being successful sometimes means that you will be alone and that you have to accept walking alone in the unknown and getting rid of any conformities that you have held on to and being accepting to change. Being successful also means holding yourself accountable for any words or actions you will let off or engage in. It means taking yourself seriously when others around you won’t.

I was suffering from Queens Disease. I was engaging in behaviors that were destructive and self defeating. I was hurting people that I love and dealing with people who didn’t love me. My ego was very big and out of control and I didn’t allow myself to feel and take account for my emotions. I was lazy and comfortable in my bad eating habits, I was also lacking knowledge in taking accountability and getting mental help for traumas that I have survived from. I was simply suffering from Queens Disease. I had to cure myself from this disease.

Curing myself from Queens Disease means doing Shadow work. Shadow work is HARD work because you will go through changes that you will not understand at first. I decided to address my issues head on. I began to see a therapist who is a Foundational Black American man and began a patient-therapist relationship where I trusted him enough for me to open up my mind. I did a series of exercises that included Self-Compassion, Critical mind thinking and Meditation and journaling. I had to truly open up and be honest with my therapist about the things I have done and the things I have allowed people to do to me as well as admitting to the hard fact that I allowed 100% of the circumstances to happen. Taking responsibility came after and it was a hard pill to swallow. I had to learn about what making a decision truly is and how to make better decisions.

The shadow work came when I wasn’t at work or home. The shadow work came when I was broke and very limited on what I could do or buy. Yeah I had to take responsibility for allowing myself to develop horrible spending habits, I had to take responsibility for allowing myself to deal with people who aren’t good for me by becoming lonely and allowing people to leave my life because I was broke and had nothing to offer them. I had to break down and shatter my ego by asking for help and humbling myself to understand my needs first. When I had no one to talk to, I simply learned to be alone and had forced myself to love being in solitude with myself.

In order to bring love into someone else, you have to simply love yourself. It’s better said than done. Just imagine yourself loving someone and what I mean by that is; kissing someone, going out on dates, massaging someone, hugging someone, even having sex… All of that can be done to and for YOURSELF. Sometimes you have to remind yourself that you fragile and deserve to be love and have love. Speaking affirmations are also very powerful. Affirmations are powerful compliments to affirm something in your life. You have to believe and speak abundance into your life. That’s what I did and still doing to this very day.

Curing myself from Queens Disease is a very hard concept but it is a much needed concept in order to be successful. I am still going through the process of addressing deep seated trauma and issues that have plagued me all and most of my life. Remember that healing yourself from Queens Disease is a NOT a linear course and that healing is a LIFELONG journey. The journey requires learning about SCIENCE and incorporating it. But it also incorporates BELIEVING IN YOURSELF.

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