Mercury Retrograde and the end of an era.

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I wanted to write this because I feel that it is very important to address the changes that are going on in my life. Due to those changes, it will also affect the Journalism & Chill™ Franchise as well as Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded.™

First thing is first, Journalism & Chill The DreamCast finished it’s final episode on May 14,2022. The episode is entitled Mercury Retrograde A Geminian Dilema The Last Voice, which features music from Kendrick Lamar’s new album Mr. Morale and the Big Steppers titled Crown.

Journalism & Chill The DreamCast was created to bring attention to the healthcare industry and the field of Nursing by using comedy and political commentary as well as bringing to light my own issues and educating and entertaining Foundational Black Americans one episode at a time. After three seasons and over 20,000 streams, It brings me joy to bring this chapter to an end because I fulfilled the purpose of the podcast. The podcast is available on ALL digital platforms for streaming except YouTube due to copywrite protections and intellectual property protections as well.

This brings me to what I have to announce, The ending of Journalism & Chill The DreamCast brings Another creation that will be coming out soon. Welcome to Dream Nicole’s Comedy Hour which will be somewhat like J&C The DreamCast but This will be a LIVE radio show that will be broadcasted on YouTube and other stations across the country. I will be bringing the jokes that make themselves in the world of politics, healthcare, Entertainment and finance. The episode will be an hour and will be debuting May 22,2022.

Dream Nicole’s Comedy Hour will be debuting May, 22,2022 on All Radio platforms.

Journalism & Chill the franchise will be going through a change that will feature more content, more engagement, and more for the DreamGods to love. Here are the Original Content index’s so you all can know what is featured on here at Journalism & Chill.

And As always, I want to say thank you to all the DreamGods for supporting Journalism & Chill Franchise and Dream’s Chronicles Reloaded franchise as well. I love you all and because there are changes , those are for the better. Subscribe to the place for all original content and literature as well as Award-Winning and cutting edge journalism!!!!

And don’t forget to follow me on Social Media. iamdreamnicole.


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