DCR Original: Journalism & Chill chapter IX: Just Friends with Love.💕

Reignin and I have been best friends since the breakup and honestly I wish we would’ve started out this way in the beginning because we are truly getting to know each other and we spend time with each other more often than we did when we were together as a couple.

I haven’t put so much thought and emphasis on our friendship. I have been very busy with my comedy tour and writing content for other comics. My tour isn’t finished and I’m in Seattle Washington wrapping up a comedy tour and writing a telivision show. Reignin and I have been talking to each other every single day. He calls me and checks on me because I don’t call or check for him and haven’t since our break-up.

Reignin surprised me by showing up in Seattle at my last show. As I exited the stage to enter in my dressing room, Reignin shows up with flowers, A bouquet of Roses and Cannabis buds which were blue and purple and smelled amazing. He finished his tour and is making big moves which I’m so happy he is focused on himself and his business moves as a comedian and now an Author and an established writer, he is taking the time out of his life for me at the moment and to be honest, I absolutely LOVE IT.

I love the fact that he is showing up for me and that he is putting his “money” where his mouth is and showing me love and affection. The gifts doesn’t matter, I could care less. It’s the conversations and the intimacy between us that truly matter to me. We share very valuable and important information all the time and it’s beautiful because I love giving and receiving information. I love the fact that none of this is forced and we don’t have to put a label to any of this. Of course I give gifts as well and I put in work BUT we do this on OUR own time and thank God social media and the public doesn’t know. The SECRET is what keeps me excited about our friendship.

Credit: nichollekobi

Reignin is my FRIEND. He is my friend who happens to be my lover. We have a friendship that is very sacred to me but also he has expressed that this friendship is SACRED TO HIM. We are simply starting over from scratch, and all the while, we haven’t been intimate sexually yet. We haven’t touched the waters in nine months. I have craved him since then and still ponder the idea. I mean he is GREAT IN BED, and he hasn’t doesn’t lack in the eating the coochie department either, did I mention he is packing some serious heat? Yes; he is a king for sure in that area.

Reignin and I were conversating about sex. Just a random topic just like many others but somehow they connect. We talked about our cultural difference surrounding our views on sex such as threesomes with men or women, sexual orientations, sexual preferences, our experience with exes, what we truly like and what we would love to try. He was very imaginative in a way that was so different. So imagine this:

A tropical climate, surrounded by water, not an ocean, but some kind of rainforest with birds and butterflies around us and just the two of us Infront of some waterfall or a water-trail, our naked bodies and kissing and caressing. Nothing else, Just kissing and caressing each other and nothing else and everything around us is in perfect harmony with our actions with each other. While kissing, a butterfly touches me and he tells me “Jess, you are the most beautiful woman in the world. I’m so grateful that I know you and That you are in my world”. A rainbow crosses us as he say these words and I tell him “I LOVE YOU REIGNIN.” He says…

And the conversation stops right there. He doesn’t say “I love you back.” If I wasn’t emotionally intelligent, that would’ve made me upset. But it didn’t. I didn’t originally felt anything.

Reignin asked me, Can I make love to you. We don’t have to move fast. We don’t have to think anything of this, we can be Just Friends, With Love?

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