DCR Original Content: #dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole season 2 is here!!!! 🎙️🎭😂

Ayyyeee… What’s Goodie Everyone. So I got some tea and it involves a Brand New season of #dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole.

#dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole season 2 will be premiering on all digital platforms.

#dontkillthemessenger with Dream Nicole will pick up where it left off. Season 2 will be Funnier and Blacker with 11 new episodes and a brand new home; iHeartRadio!!!! Season 2 opening episode is called “First Nigga In Space” (F.N.I.S) and “Cuffin Season”.

“First Nigga In Space” is the season 2 opener.

Two episodes in One night is something that no one asked for but everyone needed. In both episodes Dream Nicole will be talking about what it’s like to be Black American and Different from most women of her age and generation. She also speaks on billionaires and their stupidity, Being in a relationship, Not having no stress and wanting sex and Netflix with food.

The season 2 premiere is Saturday, December 10,2022 at 10pm Eastern Standard Time. Click the links below to stream and listen.








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